"WE" are everyone who is passionate about education.


Everyone is invited and strongly encouraged to join the PTA - working together is the only way we will overcome challenges and reach big goals. 

Membership costs only $5 per year, and covers our school's membership in the state and national PTAs. 

Every member of the George Watts Montessori PTA is vital to our success as an organization. We thank all of those who dedicate their limited time and resources to the betterment of our school community. 



  • President: Elizabeth Lindquist lizlindq (at) aol.com; 919-656-3325
  • Vice President: Emily Daly emily.daly (at) duke.edu
  • Treasurer: Annie Ambrose anniescorza (at) gmail.com
  • Secretary: Kristin Dismukes basiclibrarian (at) gmail.com
  • Teacher Liaison: Amanda Watson amanda.watson (at) dpsnc.net 
  • Principal, ex officio: Patti Crum patti.crum (at) dpsnc.net; 919-560-3947
  • African American Liaison & PAAC Chair: Jovonia Lewis jovonia_lewis (at) hotmail.com
  • Auditing Committee Chair: OPEN
  • Arts & Culture Chair: OPEN
  • Communications Chair: Katy Barron katysbarron (at) gmail.com
  • Edible Garden Chair: Jon Bloom jbloom76 (at) yahoo.com
  • Exceptional Children’s PTA Chair: Elizabeth Lindquist: lizlindq (at) aol.com
  • Family Involvement Chair: Allison Smith awalshsmith (at) gmail.com
  • Fundraising Co-Chairs: 
    • Susan Novak novak.susan (at) gmail.com 
    • Adam Dickinson adam.j.dickinson (at) gmail.com
  • Grounds Chair: Tim Dodge trdodge1 (at) gmail.com
  • Hispanic Liaison: OPEN

Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.
— W. B. Yeats

about george watts montessori

George Watts Montessori Magnet is a tuition-free* public elementary school in Durham, North Carolina that gives students the confidence to succeed academically, the desire to continue a lifetime of learning, and the respect and love for others that creates a foundation of community relationships and positive life purpose. 

In keeping with the Montessori educational approach, George Watts organizes students into multi-age classrooms from Pre-K through 5th grade. The mixed age classrooms offer students the opportunity to learn from older kids, as well as grow into mentors themselves. 

We offer the following number of classes:

  • 6 Primary (Pre-K + Kindergarten) Classrooms
  • 8 Lower Elementary (1st - 3rd) Grade Classrooms
  • 5 Upper Elementary (4th - 5th) Classrooms

*K - 5th grade is offered tuition-free. However, DPS is implementing a new sliding scale fee in 2017 for the Pre-K year. You can find out what your family would pay by clicking on this link for the Pre-K sliding scale fee PDF.

You can also learn more about DPS's reasons and goals for this new fee on their website here.